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Series 6000 Laminar Flow Workstations

Series 6000 Air Scrubbers Horizontal Flow Wall Modules

The 6000 series can either be on a stand or wall mounted, or can also be mounted outside the room with the Hepas blowing into the room for make up air. Return air for these units enters the blower cabinet through the pre-filters mounted on the top. Hepa filters can be changed through a rear acces panel.


Physical Data
Formica Cabinet: All exposed surfaces, are covered with white. Other colors are available on request
Metal Cabinet: Made from 16 ga. Coldroll steel, powder coated white.
Filters: Final filter is a HEPA absolute-type 99.99% effective on particles 0.3 microns and larger, by D.O.P. test. Prefilters are disposable.
Filter Shield: HEPA filters are protected by a heavy duty grille.
Blowers: Direct-drive, Continuous-duty type, dynamically balanced and mounted on vibration isolators. Blowers are capable of maintaining required flow rate of clean air through work chamber during an increase in static pressure of 0.5" w.g.
Electrical System: All internal wiring is grounded in accordance with National Electrical Code requirements.
Performance Data
Air Movement: Rate of clean- air flow outward through the work chamber is along parallel lines at an average rate of 90 linear feet/minute + 20 fpm.
Blower Control: Solid state, located in blower housing, (115 or 230 volts, 1 phase, 60 hz.)
Particle Count: Meets or exceed requirements of Federal Standard 209b, Class 100. (Class 100 refers to a condition whereby a given cubic foot shall not have more than 100 particles 0.5 microns in size or larger.)
Noise: The overall noise level in front of the module shall be no more than 65db, measured on the "A" scale, with maximum background (ambient level) at least 10db lower than the reading.

Prefilters: Replace prefilters as often as required by actual conditions of use. Replacement of prefilters at proper intervals prolong life of HEPA filters and insure original operating characteristics of the module. Visual inspection of prefilters, every 30 days or less, is recommended until reasonable replacement interval is established. Replace prefilters regularly.
Final Filters: Final HEPA filters are maintenance free for the life of the filters. Estimated life is 5-7 years.
Accessories & Options (Extra Cost)
Pressure Gauge: Magnehelic-type, static.
Ion Bar: Ionizing Bar with control.

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