Laminar flow workstations, Clean Air Work Stations
Manufacturer of Laminar flow workstations, for labs and workstations that need a clean work environment.

About Airtech & Laminar flow workstations
About the manufacturer of Laminar flow workstations Airtech, for clean Air work environments.

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Contact Airtech which produces and manufacturer laminar airflow systems.

Airtech Laminar Flow Workstations, Products, & Systems
Laminar flow workstations and systems. Portable & Soft wall Laminar systems.

Airtech Laminar Flow Workstations
Laminar flow workstations and systems. View all Laminar work stations.

Series 1000 Laminar Flow Workstations
Economical configuration which can be place on your own work counter.

Series 2000 Laminar Flow Workstations
Operator can sit and work at their laminar flow workstation. Air flows out of the bench and down the work surface lip.

Series 3000 Laminar Flow Workstations
Sturdy legs attached to the base so the unit can be made slimmer. Laminar flow work station for a clean work environments.

Series 4000 Laminar Flow Workstations
Clean air mounted on a strong support frame. The Laminar flow workstation series 4000 provided an isolated work surface.

Series 4000 Straddle Unit Laminar Flow Workstations
Clean work station with lights under hepa.

Series 6000 Laminar Flow Workstations
The laminar flow work stations series 6000 can be stand or wall mounted. Made for a clean work environment.

Series HIB Laminar Flow Workstations
High quality horizontal air flow across the laminar flow workstation.

Heavy Duty Tables
Heavy duty worktables, powder coated. Sturdy tables come in a variety of sizes.

Model Atg 220 UV Therapy Isolation Booth Laminar Flow Workstations
Protects healthcare workers, patients, and persons in nearby area from harmful pathogens. Portable laminar flow workstations.

Mac 10 Self-Powered Hepa Unit

Portable / Softwall Clean Rooms