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Laminar Flow Workstations

Model ATG 220 UV Therapy Isolation Booth

The Airtech ATG 220 UV is an exhausted isolation booth designed to protect healthcare workers, patients, and persons in the nearby area from harmful pathogens emitted during aerosolized pentamidine therapy, sputum induction, or other aerosolized medication treatments. The ATG 220UV is designed to control the aerosols and pathogens by routing the contaminated air through a series of four control systems. The diagram below shows the air path routed through a first level filter sheild, UV chamber, HEPA filter and finally through a carbon filter.

The Patient being treated is seated directly inside the air control chamber. Air is drawn:

1st through a pleated prefilter, which removes any large particles and solids.

2nd the air is pumped into an enclosed chamber where is is treated with a germicidal UV lamp.

3rd the air passes through a HEPA filter removing 99.99% of all particles .3 micron or larger. Exiting air quality is Class 100 per Fed. Std. 209E.

4th the air exits the unit through a pleated charcoal filter used to control any objectionable odors.


The ATG 220's main cabinet is constructed of a white high pressure laminate over sealed wood substructure. The frame is enamel painted steel. The filter shield, access panels and handle are stainless steel. All electrical components are UL listed and the assembly is City of LA approved. The duplex outlet on the side and the plug are hospital grade components. An hour meter is supplied to monitor usage of the UV light and a solid state speed control is provided to adjust the airflow to particular situations. The clear acrylic side panels and top cover are removable for easy cleaning or for special usage applications.


Canadian Standard Approval available for the ATG 220 models!

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