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About Airtech & Laminar Flow Workstations

Our founder, Kenneth H. Carpenter has been in the cleanroom and laminar flow business since the very early days of the industry. The original technique for laminar flow workstations was developed by Willis J. Whitfield of Sandia Corporation in 1961. The first two laminar flow units were built for Sandia by Agnew-Higgins during those initial years in the clean air business. In 1967 his son, Ken R. “Kenny” Carpenter joined his father at Agnew-Higgins as a cabinet maker and began his long tradition of manufacturing cleanroom components.

In 1974 Ken senior set off to establish a new company dedicated to manufacturing a quality, lower cost flow workstation for all types of industries. He offered a large line of standard configuration equipment and Airtech's reputation soon grew. Over the years, we have helped both large and small companies resolve their clean workstation problems with standard and custom designs. At the time of Ken Sr.'s retirement, Kenny assured management of the business and now maintains the same strict dedication to quality control, customer service, and on-time deliveries.


Some of the Best Names in the Cleanroom and Laminar Flow Workstation Industry

· Allergan
· Baush & Lomb Surgical
· Quantel USA
· Cal Tech– Ligo Project
· California Institute of Technology
· Chicago Dept of Health
· City of Hope
· Dupont
· Ford Aero Space
· Goddard Space Systems
· Hamilton Sunstrand
· Hughes Aircraft
· Hunt & Wesson
· Hypres
· Jet Perpulsion Laboratory
· Johnson & Johnson
· Kaiser Permanente
· Loral Space Systems
· Naval Aviation Depot
· Newport Coproration
· Northrop
· Odetics
· Ontrack
· Perkin Elmer
· Pfizer
· Qualcomm Inc.
· Red Cross
· Rockwell Collins Optronics
· Rockwell
· Space Systems/Loral
· Staar Surgical
· Stanford University
· Toshiba
· UC Berkeley
· UC Davis
· UC Irvine
· UC Los Angeles
· U.C. Lawrence Livermore
· University of Hawaii at Hilo
· University of Maryland
· University of Michigan
· University of Missouri-Columbia
· University of San Diego
· University of Southern California
· Weco
· University of Washington
· Vacco

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